About J&S Therapeutic Designs

Company Background

JSTD, LLC was founded by James and Susan Nagy in 2007. J&S Therapeutic Designs, a subsidiary of JSTD, LLC specializes in clinical solutions for physicians, individuals and health plans. We are also the clinical advisory expertise behind Chicago-based website development firm Sprocket Websites.

Professional Background

Dr. Susan Nagy is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy in Chicago, IL. She holds a Pharmacists license in both California and Illinois and completed a post-graduate residency at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, CA. As a resident, at a safety net hospital, Dr. Nagy spent a year seeing patients as a member of the internal medicine, ICU and infectious disease teams as well as seeing and treating patients individually as a practicing clinical pharmacist in several different ambulatory care clinics.

“While that extra year of training is not a requirement for PharmDs, I firmly believe that you cannot overstate the importance of that training. Being on rotation as a student is a great experience, but when you are the one actually making the decision and writing the prescription or the order for a patient, you gain a whole new perspective on treatment. Following my own patients during that year of training made me a far better clinician.”

More Information

If you are interested in working or partnering with J&S Therapeutic Designs, then please contact Susan for more information at (630)803.9151orSusan@JSTD.com today!

Susan C. Nagy, PharmD, CGP

Susan Nagy

James A. Nagy

James Nagy