Physician or Physician Groups - Goal Attainment

Are the patients in your practice meeting the goals you set for them? Goal attainment can be related to multiple factors, and J&S Therapeutic Designs can help you identify and address the individual issues that keep your patients from meeting their health goals. In most practices, it is a small percentage of the population that takes up the most amount of clinician resources. J&S Therapeutic Designs can offer case review and recommendations to free up clinician time and help patients reach the goals you set for them.

Goal attainment case review includes:

  • Assessment of complete medical history and all medications
  • Assessment of adherence based on pharmacy claims
  • Complete recommendation with clinical rationale for adjustments in medications to optimize treatment, reduce side effects and confusion and reduce cost to the patient

Complicated Case Review refers to cases with extenuating circumstances that make care more challenging. J&S Therapeutic Designs puts the medication specialists to work for you choosing the best combination of medications to meet the needs of your most complicated patients.

  • Multiple comorbidities 
  • Renal and hepatic concerns
  • Post transplant concerns
  • Fragile elderly
  • Pain management

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